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One Great HRMS Platform for all Your HR Needs

HRMates is a comprehensive and fully customizable software solution that helps HR departments manage their recruitment process, employee data, attendance, leave, payroll, announcements, letters and much more. By leveraging HRMates, you can optimize your entire HR policies and workflows, consolidating all essential functions into a unified platform.
HRMates HR Management Software

HRMates Explainer Video

HRMates is a comprehensive HRIS and HRMS software for managing mid-large companies' complex HR needs, from recruitment to attendance, payroll and much more. It integrates smoothly with various CRMs and ERPs. Also, it comes with modules like TrackingMates for managing field staff, EmailMates - a no-frills email platform and BexcelMates - a business intelligence platform. Connect with an expert at HRMates today, to start the process of streamlining and managing your HR processes better.

Why HRMates is the preferred HRMS solution for hundreds of companies


HRMates provides a complete suite of modules for managing all HR functions. Our layered architecture allows rapid customization to meet initial and ongoing needs, ensuring a tailored solution that aligns perfectly with each organization's requirements.

Engagement Model

HRMates offers a distinctive engagement model, automating all HR needs in a single, convenient solution. Following initial implementation, we seamlessly align with evolving organizational needs at no additional cost. We prioritize client requests for new HR functionalities, ensuring a tailored and responsive software experience.


HRMates seamlessly integrates with various applications, devices, and IT systems, providing employees access to critical work-related data. Key integrations include Microsoft Excel, Google & Microsoft sign-in, biometric devices, mobiles, banks, accounts & statutory uploads, among others. We also offer customized module development as an add-on to HRMates.

Pricing Model

HRMates offers a straightforward pricing model for its entire suite. There's a small setup fee and a per-employee-per-month billing structure with no additional charges for AMC, customization, or new feature additions.

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Customisable, Easy-to-understand, Intuitive Modules and Dashboard for quick access to relevant information

How We Make Your Recruitment and HR Processes Easier? 

Encourage Team Communication

Helps Save Time & Money 

Makes Information Accessible 

Keeps Everyone in The Loop 

Trusted by the Best


Hear It from Our Customers

HRMates has been given top Vendor rating for 4 years continuously for Job Knowledge, Safety, Quality of Service and Service Timelines


ISWP Tata steel

We have got quality service, great product, easy to use, terrific support, responsive, professional team, and efficient service. My management thinks worth every Rupee spent! all the very best to HRMates!

Jayantha Abeyratne

Chief People Officer – The New Pharmacy Holdings (Pvt) Ltd.

We were able to streamline and digitalise our processes with HRMates. We have been using HRMates for over a year and are very satisfied with the product and service as well as with their expertise and the robust system architecture of HRMates.

Dylan Pak

Director – Green Farms Pvt Ltd

We are delighted to have SysMates as our Technology Partner for HRMS. A well thought out Product along with quick support has helped us automate our time office, payroll, travel and PMS

Alok Pandey

Head HR Jai Balaji Steel

At the Tinplate Company of India Limited, we have implemented Suggestion Management module of HRMates replacing our paper based workflow. It was a pleasant experience with all the implementation and customization done as per our requirement in time. We have been live with this module for a month now and it is working smoothly. The team is able to respond to any minor change requests quickly.

Anjali Sinha

Assistant Manager Business Excellence

HRMates team is very efficient and effective in implementing company specific policies in software so that whatever is required is very effectively achieved. They are very prompt in replying to our queries and resolving small issues within least possible time. Software has very few failure incidents which was quickly taken care when highlighted to the team.

Nishant S.

General Manager, Elematic India


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Build Better, Higher Performing Teams with HRMates

HRMates is dedicated to helping your HR Processes become better and more efficient. Our platform offers customizable workflows and communication channels to help you collaborate more effectively. Let us help you improve your entire HR process to make better strategic HR decisions.

HRMates - software for managing HR functions in large companies

Insights and Case Studies

With the Right Platform, Everything Is Possible

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