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HRMates is your strategic partner to build a great organization. With full coverage of HRMS, Payroll and People processes. HRMates has been purpose built using layers to provide full and fine-grained automation, keep up with organization policies, growth and new requirements. HRMates offers an industry first continuous engagement and simple pricing model.

Why You Should Choose HRMates ?

For organizations, automating HR is the most complex and expensive proposition, as HR systems and processes get built over time and become the DNA of the organization. The usual engagement model is Requirement Analysis, convincing the organization to adapt to the offered solution or use other tools for some of the requirements, long implementation phase, complex Change Request Process. All these add up to cost and the implementation invariably has gaps leading to the use of multiple disjoint systems.


At HRMates we have a complete solution and a very simple, yet very effective engagement model. We take your current requirements, implement it quickly and cycle back for user verification. We offer complete automation of all people-oriented requirements of the organization at the convenience of the organization. Any changes over the engagement period are also handled similarly, within the per employee per month cost.

We are able to achieve our promise because of the unique 3 layer architecture of HRMates, Architecture to apply policy items chronologically with lowest unit being employee, HRMates Logic Box to allow fine grained automation and customization

HRMates Functionality

HRMates has a full suite of modules to manage all people-related functions in an organization. Our unique layered architecture allows us to quickly customize the functionality as per the initial and ongoing requirements of the organization. Further we have automated non HRMS people related tasks such as line balancing, project management, reimbursements, Rewards and Recognition etc.

HRMates has a very intuitive design, which allows employees, managers, and administrators to learn the system quickly.

HRMates Continuous Engagement Model

With HRMates we have a unique engagement model by which we automate all people related requirements on a single platform.

  • We engage continuously with clients allowing spread out implementation. This helps as it takes time for employees and managers to get used to the system and clients have a more clear understanding of the automation requirements.

  • We are able to create a sandbox environment in production system for new modules allowing HR Team to evaluate the process and suggest changes before going live. 

HRMates Integrations

HRMates integrates well with other Applications, Devices and IT Systems. Allowing employees access to vital work-related data. Some Integrations are with Microsoft Excel, Google, Active Directory, Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Biometric Devices, Mobiles and more. Customized Module Development as add on to HRMates

HRMates Pricing Model

HRMates has a simple, transparent pricing model for the entire suite. A small setup fee and per employee per month billing with no AMC, customization and new feature addition charges. 


HRMates is SaaS based Solution, with a unique architecture to allow fine-grained automation.




Policy Implementation


High Performance, Secure, Rapid and Customizable SaaS Application Development

Full Coverage of People related functions and processes

Workflow Controllers, UI Controllers, Value Calculators and Validators to implement fine-grained automation


Agnostic to Application domain

Agnostic to Company, Country, Region.

At Employee or Employee Groups Level, Dated Changes

Alok Pandey - Head HR

Jai Balaji Steel

We are delighted to have SysMates as our Technology Partner for HRMS. A well thought out Product along with quick support has helped us automate our time office, payroll, travel and PMS

Pankaj Mittal

HRMates has been a very useful addition to our company. It has helped us in streamlining our HR Operations spread across the country.

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HRMates has been given top Vendor rating for 4 years continuously for Job Knowledge, Safety, Quality of Service and Service Timelines

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