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One Great HRMS Platform for all Your HR Needs

HRMates is a comprehensive and fully customizable software solution that helps HR departments manage their recruitment process, employee data, attendance, leave, payroll, announcements, letters and much more. By leveraging HRMates, you can optimize your entire HR policies and workflows, consolidating all essential functions into a unified platform.

Why HRMates is the preferred HRMS solution for hundreds of companies


HRMates provides a complete suite of modules for managing all HR functions. Our layered architecture allows rapid customization to meet initial and ongoing needs, ensuring a tailored solution that aligns perfectly with each organization's requirements.

Engagement Model

HRMates offers a distinctive engagement model, automating all HR needs in a single, convenient solution. Following initial implementation, we seamlessly align with evolving organizational needs at no additional cost. We prioritize client requests for new HR functionalities, ensuring a tailored and responsive software experience.


HRMates seamlessly integrates with various applications, devices, and IT systems, providing employees access to critical work-related data. Key integrations include Microsoft Excel, Google & Microsoft sign-in, biometric devices, mobiles, banks, accounts & statutory uploads, among others. We also offer customized module development as an add-on to HRMates.

Pricing Model

HRMates offers a straightforward pricing model for its entire suite. There's a small setup fee and a per-employee-per-month billing structure with no additional charges for AMC, customization, or new feature additions.

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Customisable, Easy-to-understand, Intuitive Modules and Dashboard for quick access to relevant information

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