HRMates Implementation Case Study

Customer Profile

A Steel Company in Jamshedpur, with both white collar and blue collar employees.


Company wishes to implement an HRMS Platform to manage People related Data and Processes. Platform should be customizable, agile and able to accommodate all people related requirements, including but not limited to following

  • Organization Structure

  • Employee Database

  • Employee Life Cycle

  • Performance Management

  • Salary Documents Distribution

  • Travel and Expense Management

  • Reward and Recognition for Online and Offline Modules

  • Training

  • Social Engagement

  • Analytics and Reporting

  • Workflow driven, Self Service Enabled System

  • Extensible to new requirements

Additional Requirements

  • None

Prior System

  • Independent Applications, Paper and Excel Based

Deficiencies in Prior System

  • Lot of Paperwork

  • Monitoring and Follow ups

  • As their was no integration each Independent Application required Organization data maintenance

  • Multiple Applications requiring learning for HR Team and Employees

  • No Self Service Portal

HRMates Solution

  • Implemented HRMates starting with Org Structure and Employee Database

  • As per plan of customer required modules were added to the system over 3 years time frame

  • HRMates is live with all Modules Implemented with significant Automation for accurate mapping of Documented and Undocumented policies of the Company


  • Integrated with SAP Payroll for Salary Document Distribution

  • Integrated with Office 365 for single sign on

  • Integrated with SMS Service

  • Integrated with Amazon S3 for Managed File Storage

Change Management

  • Changes as needed are implemented mostly in less than 4 working days

Future Readiness

  • System can be quickly updated for changes in Company Policies

  • System is ready to implement requirements of other departments like Payroll, Time Office, Purchase etc.

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