HRMates Performance Management Case Study

Updated: Dec 23, 2020

Customer Profile

A Steel Company in Jamshedpur, with both white collar and blue collar employees.


  • Company has a ready Paper/Excel based Performance Management System

  • Company wants to automate the same system with some changes

  • There will be 3 PMS Types, HODs, Officers and Associates

  • Goals for Officers will be set by Appraised and Approved by Reporting Manager and HOD in beginning of Year

  • Goals for Blue Collar workers will be preset by HR in beginning of the year

  • During course of Year Additional Assignments, Special Achievements and Training Requirements can be added to PMS Form

  • End of Year Appraisal is done with involvement of Employee, Reporting Manager, HOD and Management

  • Final Ratings, Promotions and Increments

  • Promotion and Increment Letter Generation

  • Acknowledgement of Promotion and Increment Letters by employee

  • System should be flexible to incorporate changes in new Appraisal Cycles

  • Critical Incident Block open throughout the year for Manager

Additional Requirements

  • Probation Evaluation with Quarterly Reviews

  • Performance Improvement Plan Evaluation with Monthly Reviews

  • Promotion Evaluation for out of turn Promotion

  • Trainee Evaluation with Quarterly Reviews

Prior System

  • Printed Booklet and Excel Based

  • Evaluations other than Appraisal were completely different paper based process

Deficiencies in Prior System

  • Lot of Paperwork

  • Monitoring and Follow ups

  • Data not available online

  • Multiple Processes requiring learning for HR Team and Employees

  • Employees did not have access to there past Evaluations

HRMates Solution for PMS

  • HRMates PMS was setup with 3 Templates.

  • Rules for mapping Templates with Employees were created.

  • Default Competencies and KRAs were created

  • Validation for KRA and KPI Counts along with Weightage distribution was setup

  • Calculators for Final Rating was setup

  • Beginning of Year Goal Setting Activity was kicked off for Officers.

  • Goal Setting for Blue Collar workers preset by HR with which worker has to accept.

  • Notifications and daily reminders were generated for Goal Setting

  • During the Year HR Managed Additional Assignments and Special Achievements

  • Appraisal Activity Kicked off at end of financial year.

  • HR Generated Talent Review Forms after end of Appraisal Activity

  • Management used Talent Review Form for Final Ratings

  • Charts created from Final Ratings for deciding Promotions and Increments

  • Promotion and Increment Letters issued generated automatically from HRMates and posted on Employee Portal

  • Employee Acknowledges Promotion and Increment Letter from System

  • HRMates reminds participants of pending actions by email on daily basis.

  • HR has a Management Dashboard to monitor the PMS Process

HRMates Solution for Additional Requirements

  • Using HRMates Generic People Evaluation System other Evaluations were setup for Probation, Trainee, Promotion and PIP

  • Letter Generation system was setup for above

  • Very little training was needed for above as it was very similar to PMS Process

Change Management

  • The Evaluation process has run for 6 years.

  • Multiple changes were requested during this period and all changes successfully incorporated in very reasonable time frame

Demo Examples

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