HRMates Reward and Recognition Case Study

Customer Profile

A Steel Company in Jamshedpur, with both white collar and blue collar employees.


Company wishes to extend the existing HRMates Platform to manage R & R Program. HRMates Platform already has managed Employee Database and Organization Structure, with Employee Self Service enabled. HRMates platform has well structured Process Flow which can be reused for R&R Program. Employees and Admins are already trained in using the platform. R&R Program needs a robust cost effective Content Files system for which HRMates is already connected to Amazon Managed File Storage S3.

  • Company has various programs running thru the year

  • Programs are related to HR, Safety, Health and TQM Departments

  • Programs can be system driven workflow based or offline events

  • Points and Monetary Values are allocated to programs

  • System should automatically calculate points for system driven workflows

  • HR should be able to upload and manage offline events points

  • Points can be shared if similar activity is done by multiple employees or activity is done by a team

  • Employees should be able to see points accumulated and leader board of top 3 points earners

  • Monetary value is paid to employee and at end of year point leaders are rewarded in annual event

Additional Requirements

  • Points can be manually overridden by HR with Audit Trail

Prior System

  • Independent Applications, Paper and Excel Based

Deficiencies in Prior System

  • Lot of Paperwork

  • Monitoring and Follow ups

  • As their was no integration each Independent Application required Organization data maintenance

  • Multiple Applications requiring learning for HR Team and Employees

  • Employees did not have access to there Points and Accumulation

HRMates Solution for R&R

  • Following R&R Process driven modules were setup

  • Suggestion & Kaizen Portal

  • Knowledge Portal

  • CAPA

  • MP Sheet

  • We Connect

  • Peer to Peer, Well Done and Star Officer

  • Voluntarism

  • HR Interface to Manage Manually Managed Modules along with periodicity

  • Admin Interfaces to Manage Above Process Modules

  • Employee View for Leader board and his points accumulation

  • Analytics and Reporting

Change Management

  • The R & R Platform has has run for 3 years.

  • Multiple changes were requested during this period and all changes successfully incorporated in very reasonable time frame

Demo Examples

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