HRMates Work from Home and Roaming Employees Support

Mobile Attendance

HRMates Mobile app provides following features

  • In and Out punching with accurate capture of time, Geo Coordinates and Geo Address

  • Optional Geofence within certain distance of Employee Work Locations and Sites mapped to Employee. Punch outside geofence can be rejected or sent for Regularization.

  • Optional Capture of Employee Photo at time of Punch.

  • Optional match employee photo with profile image, in case of mismatch send for regularization

  • From Mobile app Employee can access his dashboard, mark leave, check his attendance, View unread messages from Discussion Groups and open Discussion Group and post messages

HRMates Mobile App Video


  • Organization can set up Projects and Tasks within Projects. Employees can be assigned to Tasks, with expected hours.

  • Projects can be linked to Project Manager and Clients

  • HRMates created timesheets for participating employees and employees fill in hours used against each task

  • Analytics and Reports available to see the Utilization, Progression, Gap

Task Planners

  • Employees can create Task Planner from 1 week to 3 weeks with proposed activities to be done by them.

  • Activity can be linked to KPI of Employee

  • Employee gets Task Planner Approved by manager

  • Towards end of Task Period Employee Marks the Status of Tasks as

  • Completed

  • Not Completed

  • Carryforward

  • Analytics and Reports available to Monitor the Tasks

Social Connects

  • Create Programs by which Employees and Families can connect by posting videos related to Programs

  • Posts and Likes can add to Reward and Recognition for the Employee

Discussion Groups

  • HRMates Creates Discussion Groups for workflow processes automatically like help desk, Approval Process, Birthdays and Anniversaries and many more

  • Using Discussion Group Manager, Named Groups can be created with Departments, Sections or employees.

  • Employees see unread items in groups in Dashboard Notification

  • Employees can open group and post text messages, pictures and videos.

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