How long has HRMates been in business?
Since 2014. HRMates Launched in 2016

Where can I view HRMates Demo?
Open India Demo Colombia Demo then Click on Admin Login button

How many companies using?
Highly Satisfied 30+ companies with total 20,000+ Employees across geographies and industries. References available on Request.

How do you charge for HRMates?
Per Employee per Month with small setup fee. On Premise option available for 1000+ employees

Our company only 100 employees, do you have a simpler version?
Yes, you can go for Core HR which can be setup within a week.

Do I get my data if I cancel? How and how long the data will resides
Our Agreement provides for full ownership of Data by Customer and Data will be provided any time on Request and on Cancellation. As long as client is active we retain all data from start of engagement. Right now data retention period is 2 months post cancellation, Longer periods are available for a small Fee.

Where is HRMates hosted
AWS (Amazon Web Services)

Can the modules be purchased separately?
We have a Single Price Model for all HRMates Modules. We do offer discounts if customer uses only Core HR Modules.

Can your software interface with other software/banks/authorities?
We have ready reports which can be uploaded direct on Govt Websites, Popular Accounting Software. As per requirements we can provide more integrations.

Can document be scanned or attached in the software?
Yes. Almost all modules allow upload of relevant documents.

Can we build our own reports?
No. But as part of support we provide additional reports as per requirement

How does this software helps my higher management make quick decisions on the fly?
We have Analytics for all modules.

Will the software runs on phone, tablet, or Apple MACs?
HRMates is using responsive design and supports all platforms (iOS, Android, Windows and MAC) and at present 40% of our users come from Mobile Devices. Its compatible with apple MACs.

Will the software work on any browser?

Do I need to buy training with the purchase of the software?
Admin and Employee Training is provided in beginning at not extra cost (except for Boarding and Lodging if needed). In General HRMates is easy to use..

Support on bug fixes, annual maintenance, and SLA?
Our agreement provides SLA. There is no AMC and Bug Fixing is part of monthly cost.

Any auditing features? Audit trail?
Yes. All Actions on System are covered under Audit

How often is the software update and how you manage it?
Software is update on weekends with minimum disruption. There is a testing process to ensure bug free updates.

Can we depend on you staying in business?
HRMates is self sustaining. Our Key Employees have been with us since inception. HRMates has been self and organically funded.